Presenter Billy Deardoff demonstrates Foley Artistry to One Act Students

Billy Deardoff a Kearney resident presented Foley Artistry to the One Act students on Tuesday evening. Billy was previously a member of the award-winning Theatre of the Mind Company. Most of the presentation was focused on creating sound effects for radio theatre, a specialized skill called Foley Artistry. Foley artists are also employed by TV and film studios. Gibbon students were able to try their hand at making sound effects using some of materials Billy brought with him. 

Mr. Deardoff was brought in to help students prepare for the 2022 One Act play production,Unsound Effects. This production tells the fictional story of radio station KTSK. Down on their luck, with their main show low in the ratings, the end is in sight for the station. Their terrible sound effects man, Benny, is the main reason for the show's failures. With the hope of a new sponsor, the employees try to turn their luck around. Things get even crazier when some bank robbers try to hide out in the station and the employees are forced to save the day. 

Watch for our home performance on November 10th at 7:00 p.m.