School Safety

Gibbon Nation.  We are proud to work in collaboration with our parents and community to provide quality educational experiences for all children.  One collaborative effort looks at raising the level of safety that exists on campus and within the walls of the school building.  A collaborative effort is essential if we expect to establish and maintain a safe and secure school environment.  To keep safety in front of us all, here are a few gentle reminders.

Drop-off Procedures.  A Sincere Thank You.  The vast majority of our parents and guests are following the designated drop-off procedures in the morning.  By following drop-off procedures, and exiting west to the private drive, we can ensure that our staff and students are safe, eliminate the potential for a serious accident, and maintain a consistent flow of traffic. 

Pick-up Procedures.  Please follow the same procedures when picking up children.  We are beginning to see a larger number of vehicles who pick up children and then leave the facility through the staff and student parking lot.  Driving through the student and staff parking areas increases the potential for a serious accident and significantly raises the possibility for someone getting hurt.   It takes just a few more seconds to exit west to the private drive.  Let’s work together to help keep everyone safe.  Thank You.

 Visitors on Campus.  We enjoy having visitors and parents on campus and welcome their presence inside the building.  However, we are beginning to see a growing number of adults who are on campus and who are not wearing a visitor’s badge.  This implies that folks are getting into the building without “checking-in” at the appropriate office.

It is impossible for every staff member to know every adult who enters the school building.  When a staff member encounters an adult in the building, and that person is not wearing a visitor’s badge, concerns for the safety and general welfare of students and their peers are greatly heightened.  This is when safety protocols are initiated and appropriate steps are taken to address what may be seen as a potential threat.

When guests and parents sign-in, and when they secure a visitor’s badge, everyone on campus knows appropriate procedures have been followed and school officials are aware a visitor or parent is on campus.  If visitors or parents wish to be inside the building, please do so by entering the building at either the elementary or high school office, check-in with the secretary and secure a visitor’s badge.  When leaving the building, please return to the office, check-out with the secretary and return the visitor’s badge.  It takes just a few more seconds to raise the level of safety for everyone.

Events witnessed across the nation have shown that we can’t afford to take safety for granted, and as important, these events have shown how quickly a situation can escalate into something dangerous.  Eliminating this possibility relies on our collective efforts to follow processes and procedures, take a few seconds to follow those processes and procedures, and be patient as we work together to raise the level of safety for everyone.  Thank you for helping us keep all students and all adults safe.