Gibbon Nation.  The law enforcement community has made us aware of national social media posting rumors of school violence on December 17th, 2021.  We do not know if any of these messages are being posted in our community, or as I write this message, in the state of Nebraska.  This is an excellent reminder for our students and families about the dangers of using social media incorrectly and the spreading of rumors through social media tools like Tik Tok.  Since we addressed Tik Tok challenges with students earlier this year, our students have not participated in any suggested Tik Tok challenge.  We anticipate the same with this one.  Gibbon Public Schools will continue to communicate with local law enforcement and we have requested the Buffalo County Sheriff Department's presence on our campus.  Schools should be a safe space for all students and staff.  If you or your student sees anything of concern on a social media site, we would encourage you to immediately contact the Buffalo County Sheriff's Department or the school administration.  Vern Fisher.  Superintendent of Gibbon Public Schools.