Proficiency Scales

Gibbon Public Schools has deployed a research-based strategy to address the state's academic standards and offers parents a better picture of their child's performance on those standards.  Proficiency Scales organize priority standards into simple, more complex, and most complex knowledge and skills.  Proficiency scales offer a progression of learning that defines the levels of performance against a standard or set of standards.  Proficiency scales help teachers focus planning, instruction, assessment, and feedback to students.  Proficiency scales provide students with clear learning targets that they can track and assess their own learning.  Proficiency scales:

  • Are based on state standards,

  • Provide evidence of student performance on those standards, and

  • Offer a clearer, more accurate picture of a student’s knowledge and acquisition of skills on the standards we expect all students to know and be able to do. 

Our educators will share more information about proficiency scales during parent-teacher conferences scheduled for September 27th and September 29th.