Gibbon Nation.  We are a victim of the TikTok Challenge that has impacted schools across the nation.  The TikTok Challenge features students stealing items from school and then posting those stolen items on TikTok.   We are beginning to see this challenge play out in Gibbon Public Schools where students steal soap from soap dispensers and/or tear soap dispensers off the bathroom walls and then post them on this social media.   In addition to theft, this behavior involves vandalism and a general lack of respect for our taxpayers who support their school district.  The building principals will communicate and share more information with parents via Power School.  In the meantime, the school district is asking that parents visit with their child(ren) about the TikTok Challenge and encourage their child(ren) refrain from participating in disrespectful and destructive behavior.   Students, don't let social media antics control your life and create problems.  We are better than this!  Thank You.  #WeAreGibbon