Gibbon Public Schools is deeply committed to keeping our students and staff safely in school.  To help us accomplish this goal, we are adding to our Return to Schools Protocols a process that answers the question, "How will we approach a decision to require masks?"  This question was discussed and deliberated with action taken during September 13th's regular board of education meeting.  The process includes; 1) When 5% of the student population has tested positive for COVID-19 or one of the variants, 2) When we are unable to keep our certified teaching staff in the classroom and/or we are unable to secure enough subs to cover for the number of teachers out ill, 3) We will evaluate in 14-day cycles, and 4) A review panel consisting of the board president, vice president, school nurse and the superintendent will conduct the 14-day evaluation to determine if conditions require an immediate move to wear masks, shutdown the school, or move into a remote learning environment.