Two Rivers Public Health Department

There is an overwhelming consensus among our students, educators, parents, and the board of education that we work hard to keep school open.  We realize students learn best when they are in school, in a classroom, and with our wonderful educators.  To successfully accomplish this goal, we must remain cognizant that COVID-19 remains a viable threat and requires that we all work together to ensure schools do remain open.

There is a concern associated with the increase in COVID-19 cases including the new variants. The increases in cases follows areas and communities where vaccination rates are low.  The Two Rivers Public Health Department strongly urges that all eligible residents "avail to the full vaccination schedule (1 or 2 doses as indicated) through the health department or their clinic service" to help curb increases in the number of individuals infected with COVID-19.

While the district respects the parent's and child's right to determine whether they receive the vaccination, the district believes there are parents and students who do want to receive the vaccination.  The district recognizes you cannot get the required doses unless you know where you can go to receive the vaccinations.

Two Rivers has published on its website a schedule for mass vaccination clinics at multiple locations.    For those parents and students wanting to receive their vaccinations, please go to to find the site closest to you.