Supts On

Gibbon Nation:

I hope this version of SUPTs On finds you doing well, coping with COVID-19, and having some time to relax after an interesting end to the school year.  It is really important that we find some time to rest and have some fun.

With ending the school year in an alternate learning environment, and uncertainties associated with COVID-19, schools have been contemplating the start of school in August.  Beginning June 3rd, Gibbon Public Schools began planning for the start of school and has considered three options for the start of a new school year.  The first is to begin school in August with our students in the building.  The second is to begin school in August and plan for an interruption to the traditional environment similar to what we experienced last school year.  The third option is to plan on beginning school in an alternate learning environment.   Gibbon Public Schools has always focused on beginning school in August with students in the building, and the Governor’s statement on Monday, June 15th supported this focus.  

We still need to prepare for a second wave of COVID and plan for the possible move back into the alternate learning environment.  To prepare for the possible reoccurrence of COVID-19, provide time to visit with parents and students, and offer quality professional development for educators required a subtle change to the 2020-21 School Calendar.  The change to the 2020-21 school calendar involves the date when students report to school, additional time to provide professional development, and an evening dedicated to meeting with parents.  The first day students will report to school has been moved from Wednesday, August 12th to Monday, August 17th. 

We plan on sharing more information between now and the new school year.  Please continue to go to our website or follow us on social media for more details.

Go Buffaloes!

Please find here the 2020-2021 Calendar with modified August start.