Gibbon Nation,

The 2024-2025 School Calendar was recently approved by the Gibbon Public School's Board of Education during their May meeting. We hope you find the calendar useful when you consider making doctor appointments, taking vacation, or planning special events.

You will find afternoons dedicated to collaborative team time, dates for school improvement activities, important events such as parent-teacher conferences, holiday breaks and much more. Please take a few moments to review the school calendar and become familiar with the structure for the next school year.

A special note of appreciation for the families who organize their vacations at a time when students are out of school during the scheduled breaks. Keeping your children in school ensures they do not miss critical content, do not fall behind their peers in academic performance, and attending school reinforces a skill they will take into the workforce.

To locate the 2024-2025 School Calendar. Please go to the District Website and look for the "Menu" tab found in the upper right-hand corner. Please click on the "Menu" tab and look for "Quick Links." You will find the "Calendars tab and the calendar is nestled inside that link.

Please contact the office if you have any questions.

Have a great summer.


#WeAreGibbon #GoBlue