2022-23 School Calendar

Good Evening Gibbon Nation.

Last September, the school district shared that there was a clerical error on the original 2022-23 School Calendar.  The original calendar had March 24th as the date when Jan Hoegh would be in the district and there would be no classes on that day. THIS DATE IS INCORRECT.   Jan Hoegh will be in the district on Friday, March 17th and there will be no classes on the 17th.   School will be in session with students in class on Friday, March 24th.

You can find the revised 2022-23 School Calendar on our website.  Please go to the Menu tab located on the top right corner of the website.  Click on Menu and it is here where you find "Quick Links."  Under the "Quick Links" tab you will find "Calendars."  Please click on "Calendars" and you will find the 22-23 School Calendar.  The "school calendar" is your best resource to verify dates when school is in session, or when there are no classes scheduled for a particular date.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused families and hope you find this information useful.