School Safety

Gibbon Nation,

We wanted to let you know about a hoax situation that has been making the rounds in Colorado,
Kansas, Nebraska, and now in the Tri-States Area.

A trend of hoax active shooter calls have been hitting 9-1-1 call centers this week. The voice is
typically a male of Middle Eastern descent and claims to be in a school building witnessing a

Please know these calls are unsubstantiated and phony. We have been in communication with the Buffalo County Sheriff's Department and we will investigate all threats per our standard protocol.

All of our students and staff are safe.  No learning has been disrupted and business is taking place as usual.

To be clear, we have not received any threat to the school, nor do we anticipate having one. We are simply sharing this information to be proactive in our approach.  Please reach out to me with any questions you may have regarding this information.

Thank you,
Dr. Vern Fisher