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Approved/Certified Replacement Cords for Student devices:   (also available at the HS Office)
      Student iPad Charger Brick - $19 – Apple 12W USB Power Adapter
      Student iPad Charger Cord - $15 – Apple Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)
      Student Dell Latitude laptop charger - $43 - Dell Latitude 3400/3490/3410 laptop charger
    Note:   iPad chargers work for all K-10 grade ipads
               Laptop chargers work for 11-12 grade laptops

* These chargers are the only school approved / vendor certified replacements for your school issued devices.  You may purchase them from the HS Office or purchase them online with the links provided above.


Teacher iPad charger Brick - 
Teacher iPad charger Cord - 

Teacher Dell Latitude Laptop Charger - $43 - Dell Latitude 3400/3490/3410 laptop charger