Mission Statement:

“By employing a quality, team-oriented staff that is dedicated to students, Gibbon Public Schools will be high-achieving and competitive in academics and extra-curricular activities while producing well-rounded, respectful students that model a positive attitude.”

Gibbon Public Schools will:

  • Provide opportunities for staff and students to maximize their strengths in a safe environment.
  • Engage students in instruction that is rigorous, relevant, and technologically progressive.
  • Teach, expect, model, practice, and support positive behavior.
  • Communicate and collaborate with stakeholders in a meaningful educational process.

We Believe:

  • All students learn through instruction that is relevant, meaningful, active, and based on individual student needs in a culturally diverse society.
  • Classroom instruction must prepare students for constantly changing and culturally diverse society.
  • Assessment should be ongoing, diagnostic, and aligned with instruction.
  • Community participation enhances the educational process.
  • School and community partnerships are valuable and strengthen the educational and democratic process.
  • Healthy children learn better.
  • 21st Century Skills need to be utilized in all curricular areas.