Gibbon Public Schools – Policy Manual


This policy manual contains the policies of the board of directors of the Gibbon Public Schools District. Policy development is a dynamic, on-going process. New problems, issues, and needs give rise to the continuing need to develop new policies or to revise existing ones.

Each person holding a copy of this manual has a duty to keep the manual current as new and revised policies are distributed by the central administration office.

How To Use This Policy Manual

The school district operates according to policies established by its school board. The board develops policies after careful deliberation, and the school administration implements them through specific regulations and procedures. The board reviews and evaluates its policies and makes revisions as necessary.

The manual is organized according to a numeric codification system. There are ten major classifications bearing a numeric Section Code.

Sub-classifications under each numeric section are based on a logical sequence and coded by the sub-classification numeric code.

The index pages that follow each tab present the policies included in the section. These index pages serve as a table of contents for each section.

How To Find A Policy

First, review the ten sections and determine which section the policy may be in. By scrolling down to that section, you can review the table of contents to determine whether the policy is included. If the policy is included, you can scroll to the policy by finding the correct code number in the upper right hand corner of the policy.

How To Read The Signs and Symbols

A variety of signs and symbols are used in concert with the numeric codification system. These are explained below:

File symbol indicates this is an actual poilcy adopted directly by the board for the governance of the district.

Legal Reference: This sign indicates the legal references. They tell the user where to find the statutes, case law, attorney general opinions, or administrative rules that give authority to a policy.

Cross Reference: Many policies in the manual relate to other policies in the Reference manual. Cross references are provided to assist the user in finding all of the related policies.

Inquiries about the policies included in this manual may be directed to the board members or to the superintendent by telephone at (308) 468-6555 or by writing the school district at Superintendent, P.O. Box 790, Gibbon, NE 68840.

Table of Contents – 0000 – Alphabetic index

100 District Organization & Basic Commitments

200 School Board

201 Legal Status of the School Board

202 School Board Member Conduct

203 Organization of the School Board

204 School Board Meetings

205 School Board Policy Process

206 Board Member Services

300 Administration

301 Administrative Structure

302 Superintendent

303 Administrative Employees

304 Policy Implementation

400 Personnel

402 Employees and Internal Relations

403 Employees and Outside Relations

404 Employee Health and Well-Being

405 Employee – General Expectations

406 Certificated Employees – General

407 Certificated Employee Compensation and Benefits

408 Certificated Employee Termination of Employment

409 Certificated Employee Professional Growth

410 Certificated Employee Vacations and Leaves of Absence

411 Other Certified Employees

412 Support Staff – General

414 Support Staff Termination of Employment

415 Support Staff Vacations and Leaves of Absence

500 Students

501 Objectives for Equal Educational Opportunities for Students

502 Student Admissions

503 Student Attendance

504 Student Rights and Responsibilities

505 Student Discipline

506 Student Activities

507 Student Records

508 Student Health and Well-Being

509 Other Student Related Matters

600 Instruction

602 General Organization

603 Curriculum Development

604 Instructional Curriculum

605 Alternative Programs

606 Instructional Materials

607 Instructional Arrangements

610 Testing

611 Academic Achievement

612 Special Education Services

700 Business Operation

702 Annual Budget

704 Accounting System

705 Revenue

706 Expenditure

707 Payroll

800 Support Services

801 Transportation

802 School Food Services

804 Data Management

805 Risk Management

900 Buildings and Sites

903 Maintenance, Operations and Management

904 Lease, Sale or Disposal of Buildings

905 Safety Program

1000 Community/Educational Agency Relations

1003 Public Examination of District Records

1004 Press, Radio and Television News Media

1005 Public Participation in the School District

1006 Use of District Facilities and Equipment